Wednesday, July 29, 2015

God Provides

Last week I signed up at the last minute to take a CEU course so that I could maintain my PT license. What I didn't realize, was that there were 4-6 hours of videos and tests to take BEFORE I could take the class. On top of that I had a medical appointment after work on Thursday, along with other things to do! Plus, I had a full schedule at work with no openings that would allow me to get some of these videos and tests done. Stress! How could I get it all done without staying up so late at night that I could not function the next day? 
I have been in these situations before. Too much to do and to little time. And yet, in the past God has always provided the time to do exactly what needed to be done. This time was no different. On Thursday, the day that I had to have all the videos and tests completed, and the day of my eye appointment, 4 patients cancelled! That was 4 hours of work that I could do on the preparatory work for my course! When, I began the day, I had looked at my schedule and did not think any of my patients would cancel. I would have bet that all of them would have showed up! But for whatever reason 4 cancelled! Once again, God provided all the time to do what needed to be done!  When will I learn this lesson? When God calls us to do something, He always provides what is needed. Whether it is time or money, or some other resource, He always provides! So, rest in Him and if you have trouble trusting Him like I do, maybe we can learn this lesson together! 

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